Bryson Tiller – True To Self Review

Trapsoul part two? It may as well have been.

On 26th May, Bryson took to twitter to announce the release of True To Self, a whole month earlier than the planned released date. With a huge track-list of nineteen songs! With a two year break from his previous album, and no single releases in this gap, Bryson has been touring the world as he sold out various venues.

Can Tiller only do so much? This is the main question I found myself asking when I listened to his second album. The only song throughout the whole album which sounds like it didn’t belong on his debut album, Trapsoul’s tracklist is Money Problems/Benz Truck which is a vibeee!!!! If every song could have been on the same wave as that, the album could have been another timeless masterpiece. But unfortunately it isn’t.

I’m not saying that Bryson’s sound isn’t good, because it is. But, two albums in and it just ends up sounding all the same-ish. Sometimes you just have to mix it up. For a lot of R&B lovers, Trapsoul is hands down one of the best albums. However, I have to say, Bryson’s music has let me down this time.

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Jafro – Am I Me

Singer and songwriter, Jafro from Leicester has released a new album, Am I Me which is highly influenced by comics, as he celebrates his love of cartoons from a young age. Due to the influence, the album features artwork from comic and anime artists from across the globe including Brotherman Comics, Red Origins and Angry Vikings.

The album features artists from across four different continents including Europe and North America. The songs from this EP which stand out for me personally are: Dark Knight, Bankai and We Ready as they truly showcase his lyrical talents, bar for bar. The whole concept of the EP is clever, and is accurately presented through each track.

Jafro is celebrating his album launch rightly so, by performing at some of the UK’s largest common conventions including Birmingham’s Comics festival which is open to 5,000 visitors. Jafro definitely has a talent when it comes to spitting bars, which was demonstrated earlier in his career as he featured in the Red Bull UK rap battle, reppin for Leicester. (Click here to watch)

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Kwakzino – 2 Legit 2 Quit

Inspired by a mixture of artist’s including, Oxide and Neutrino, So Solid Crew, Styles P, Kirk Franklin and Mary J Blige; Kwakzino has released his new project, 2 Legit 2 Quit. With a sound which can only be described as different, the messages portrayed in Kwakzino’s music can take some time to grasp. However, he is working on perfecting his craft so that listeners can understand the message after the first listen.

Coming from Croydon, London, Kwakzino talks about many issues surrounding him including drugs, guns, women and money. However, he points out that he does not celebrate these, as he portrays positive messages about the reality of living in South London. The positive spin on these issues creates a refreshing sound.

The motivation behind the music is his family, having two young sons under the age of two years old, and a partner who has supported him throughout his journey in music, he wants to provide as much as possible to them.

The new project 2 Legit 2 Quit is definitely one to inspire, motivate and empower those who are living in similar situations. As he says that he wants to motivate anyone who’s living a negative lifestyle to switch to a more positive approach. After listening to the project it is clear that Kwakzino is one to watch, I’m excited to hear any future work from him.

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nobodyisMAINE – Eenie Miney Moe

MAINE is a 20 year-old musician from West London who also goes by the name nobodyisMAINE, following his lifestyle brand NobodyIsUs. NobodyIsUs is all about finding an identity within a misfit culture and owning the stigma that society has given you as a ‘nobody’ by confidently making it known that you shouldn’t fit in because you are one of a kind. Maine feels as though this is reflected in his lyrics, as he aims to reference situations or subject matters that others will be familiar with.

He describes his sound as a mix of rap/hip-hop/indie/rock/pop. While being influenced by a number of artists, both new and old school including Wretch 32, Skepta, Drake and Tory Lanez. As well as some more old school artists, including JA Rule and 50 Cent. Although, he doesn’t have a set genre as he also listens to musicians such as Twenty One Pilots, The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys who inspire him to experiment with other sounds. As he says, his experimental approach to music is what sets him apart from everyone else.

Eenie Miney Moe is Maine’s latest song, following his debut song’s Hitta and Rockstar which are available on Spotify. Eenie Miney Moe is about his experiences with a certain type of people, those who will complain about the promoting of his own songs but when it suits them they claim to be proud and supportive. Although the song is mainly addressed to his female interest, the song can be applied to almost everyone including ex’s, old friends and fake friends. This certainly hits the criteria of being relatable, one of those situations earlier talked about in which others will definitely be familiar with.

Maine definitely has his own unique sound mastered, a fusion of many different genre’s as well as a unique voice, but it works. Eenie Miney Moe showcases both his production and vocal skills. He is definitely one to watch this year!

Listen to Eenie Miney Moe below:

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J. Cole 4 Your Eyez Only Review

Considering there are no features on this album, it’s surprisingly good. At first listen I wasn’t sure on my opinion of the whole project. But, now that I have listened a few times I am certain that this is going to be one of my most played albums for the end of 2016.

With the simplicity of just J. Cole’s voice throughout the ten songs, this is somewhat a work of art. Keeping listeners engaged for the full running time of 44 minutes with only one artist, that right there is an achievement itself.

To truly enjoy and capture the beauty of this album you should listen from start to finish, taking time to process each lyric, each verse, each song and then the album as a whole.

For me, this is one of J.Cole’s best projects, maybe not THE best, but it is definitely one of them. It almost feels like he has gone back to the beginning of his music, which as we all know is where some of his finest can be found.