Wireless Festival 2017 – Saturday

This was my first year at Wireless, after wanting to go for as long as I remember because on paper it always has my dream festival line-up. This years line up wasn’t the best I had ever seen as previous years included Drake and Kendrick Lamar, but all of the homegrown talent made it one to remember.

One of the first acts I saw on the day was Cadet on the Pepsi Max stage. As I always imagine from a Cadet performance, the energy levels were sky high. All he had to ask is “who?” and suddenly the whole of Finsbury Park are chanting “Cadet, Cadet”. And this was before he even came on stage, as Yung Filly opened for him playing songs alike Robbery to get the whole crowd gassed. From the slower songs such as Letter To Krept and Instagram Girls, to Corn, he had it all. But, the most energetic point in the performance? When Cadet himself got in the middle of the moshpit.

Then of course, Sean Paul supplied us with our dose of dancehall for the day. Although, as it was so early in the day, the crowd were dead. If he would have been further on in the day, there would have been a lot more whining, for sure. Young Thug, again, not the most live performance of the day as the crowd let him down  until the last couple of songs on his set. Best Friend was of course the most popular song during his set.

Rae Sremmurd came on stage mid-way through the line-up and this was when things started getting much more lit, obviously the alcohol was starting to take its toll. You actually don’t realise how many bangers Rae Sremmurd have until you find yourself knowing the words to the majority of their set. No Flex Zone, No Type, Black Beatles, Come Get Her and Throw Sum Mo to name just a few.

Then, it was time for Travis Scott. The whole park turned into a madness. Bottle’s flying everywhere and the whole crowd basically merged to make one big moshpit. He of course brought out his signature, huge fake bird which makes very loud chirping noises throughout the set and looks king of creepy with worms dangling from it’s mouth.

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for. SKEPTA!! Or in other words, the whole Boy Better Know crew. Frisco, Jammer, JME, Frisco etc etc. Basically everyone apart from Wiley, as he cancelled his own set at Wireless previously that day. Skepta seemed to fit a lot of songs into his set considering it was an hour long. Ace Hood Flow, Too Many Man, That’s Not Me, Skepta Interlude and Konnichiwa. You name it, he most probably did it. Skepta was definitely the perfect act to finish the day, making everyone proud to be British grime lovers and the day was definitely finished on a high.

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