Bryson Tiller – True To Self Review

Trapsoul part two? It may as well have been.

On 26th May, Bryson took to twitter to announce the release of True To Self, a whole month earlier than the planned released date. With a huge track-list of nineteen songs! With a two year break from his previous album, and no single releases in this gap, Bryson has been touring the world as he sold out various venues.

Can Tiller only do so much? This is the main question I found myself asking when I listened to his second album. The only song throughout the whole album which sounds like it didn’t belong on his debut album, Trapsoul’s tracklist is Money Problems/Benz Truck which is a vibeee!!!! If every song could have been on the same wave as that, the album could have been another timeless masterpiece. But unfortunately it isn’t.

I’m not saying that Bryson’s sound isn’t good, because it is. But, two albums in and it just ends up sounding all the same-ish. Sometimes you just have to mix it up. For a lot of R&B lovers, Trapsoul is hands down one of the best albums. However, I have to say, Bryson’s music has let me down this time.

Click here to stream the album on Spotify.


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