Stormzy Brixton Finale

From a freestyle in a park in a red Adidas tracksuit, to selling out three shows at the Brixton O2 Academy (obviously in an Adidas tracksuit again).

The finale was of course going to be something special, but no one could have called it. Stormzy had them all: Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32, Ghetts and Chip. Each brought even more energy to the already hyped-up crowd, from Hear Dis to the Shape of You Remix. Although, everyone could still appreciate the slow, gospel touches of Blinded By Your Grace, Velvet and Cigarettes and Cush, which seemed to give a more personal touch as Stormzy sat on a stool singing to an academy of five-thousand people.

The production levels were honestly next level. If you didn’t know any better you would think that it was an arena tour. Every single touch was perfected, the lyrics flashing behind him, Stormzy’s face singing along on the screen behind.

The main moment of the whole gig which will always stick in my mind, was when Stormzy sang 100 Bags to his mum who was stood on the balcony. She was singing and rapping along word for word throughout the whole song, as the majority of the crowd looked up with their hand on their heart, emotions were running high.

What a way to end such a phenomenal tour, no one has ever deserved a sold out tour more than Stormzy. I’m sure I can say this on behalf of everyone who attended any of the shows on the GSAP tour, I left feeling very proud of him, almost as though I felt his struggles and accomplishments through his truly emotional yet energetic performance. The fact that he sold out three nights at the Brixton O2 Academy shows how appreciated Big Mike truly is in the world of music.

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