Jafro – Am I Me

Singer and songwriter, Jafro from Leicester has released a new album, Am I Me which is highly influenced by comics, as he celebrates his love of cartoons from a young age. Due to the influence, the album features artwork from comic and anime artists from across the globe including Brotherman Comics, Red Origins and Angry Vikings.

The album features artists from across four different continents including Europe and North America. The songs from this EP which stand out for me personally are: Dark Knight, Bankai and We Ready as they truly showcase his lyrical talents, bar for bar. The whole concept of the EP is clever, and is accurately presented through each track.

Jafro is celebrating his album launch rightly so, by performing at some of the UK’s largest common conventions including Birmingham’s Comics festival which is open to 5,000 visitors. Jafro definitely has a talent when it comes to spitting bars, which was demonstrated earlier in his career as he featured in the Red Bull UK rap battle, reppin for Leicester. (Click here to watch)

Click here to listen to the EP. 

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