Top 5 Fire in the Booth

  1. Avelino and Wretch 32 – The word play is phenomenal, every bar has a meaning deeper than what you may first think. ‘I can’t swim but i’ll be the anchor for the scene, how do they expect musicians to stay afloat, when all our sales keep going down the stream.’ Just one of the memorable bars.
  2.  Bugzy Malone – I think the 9 million views speaks for itself. Although the whole Bugzy vs Chip situation may have gained him most of these views, Bugzy raised the bar. He’s Manchester’s best MC and he knows it.
  3. Stormzy – This FITB from the start of his career shows us why Stormzy is in fact the problem. Three years later, we’re expecting his debut album and if it’s anything like this freestyle, we’re in for a treat.
  4. Nines – Nines has been slept on, watching this it seems almost unbelievable that it has took four years for him to be signed and release an album. But, it was worth the wait. This was definitely an underrated FITB.
  5. Dave – A more emotional take in the booth, but that is Dave’s whole aura. Only 17 years old at the time of the recording and he touches on highly intellectual topics such as politics and racial issues. Now, appearing on stage with Drake at his Boy Meets World Tour, it’s obvious that Dave is a problem for the UK rap scene.

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