Favourite Artists of 2016

2016 was an amazing year for music, from Chip’s and Yungen’s beef to the release of Konnichiwa and Views. So, here’s a few of my favourite artists as I look through my Top Songs on Spotify.

Bryson Tiller – Once I listened to Bryson there was no going back. Although Trapsoul was released in 2015, it wasn’t till 2016 when I discovered it and I can only wish that I found it earlier. From Don’t to Rambo, I can 100% say that there is a song for almost every mood.

Drake – I mean, who didn’t rate Views, every song is on my top songs of 2016. Drake just knows how to perfect any project that he creates. Then, the remix on Dave’s Wanna Know, that’s all I have to say.

Stormzy – Stormzy has been the name of grime in 2016. From his One Take Freestyle to Birthday Girl, he knows how to keep fans happy. Although, late 2016 he seemed to disappear off the face of the earth as he became inactive on all social media.

Skepta – The Mercury prize for Konnichiwa just sums up the year that Skepta has had, as he continues to create the best music while remaining as a top influencer for the UK grime scene.

The Weeknd – Released in November, Starboy was the cherry on the top for music for the year. There was a lot of hype around this album, which mostly creates disappointment; but not for The Weeknd. And how could we forget that he cut his hair.


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