Lily Kiing: ‘Don’t be afraid to be sexy and beautiful.’

Lily Kiing is the UK singer redefining female energy and sexuality through her music and performances, and most recently Schmoney, her latest single which premiered on Radar Radio’s #MorningsUnfiltered show. The track showcases the artists rich vocals, feminine sensuality and sexuality. With a Trap meets R&B feel, Schmoney, produced by House of Pharaoh’s frequent collaborator, oneninenine offers a vibe that will have you feeling like it’s actually been a lit summer and this was the soundtrack.

With the successful release of her recent track, Schmoney (click here for the visuals), I spoke to Lily Kiing about the importance of gender stereotypes and confidence; a message which is very much portrayed through her music.

How would you describe yourself, (Lily Kiing) as an artist?
Fearless. A quote maker, always looking for new ways to interpret the importance of self awareness through the aura of ‘Lily Kiing’. We’re the same in some ways but many ways different, she’s just a lit version of me.

You speak about redefining female energy and sexuality through your music, what’s the main message that you would like to spread about the topic?
Being sexy , expressing it through clothing and music. The way my words roll and adapt to my surroundings, don’t be afraid to be sexy and beautiful. No one can tell you different, be man or woman you’re amazing. You gotta tell yourself that first.I went through too many years of being told ‘women don’t do that’ and such, I’m not the one to conform it doesn’t make sense to. I’m proud of my sensuality and sexuality.

The visuals for your new video Schmoney are amazing – how did you come about the idea?
I created the mood board a few months before, my mind works in a complex way but by writing and puzzling it makes sense. Making sure Lilys need for beauty was shown, aesthetically pleasing for both viewer and myself. With the help of Vito Camaro’s eye for beauty and colours , he’s mind worked so well with my vision for the visuals. Thank god for insta

What can we see next from you?
Visuals and music. I’ve created material throughout the year which I’m more than happy to bring to the world. Allowing myself to endeavour in new sounds, it’s just the beginning.

Do you have any upcoming shows?
Towards the end of the month through to the end of the year I have a few planned. I’ll make sure the information is out there very soon.

Patrin – “if it wasn’t for that then I wouldn’t be doing music”

As Patrin released his recent EP Time Will Tell and his brand new visuals for Things Change, Things Change, I caught up with him for an interview to discuss the man behind the music and what his future plans hold.

For people who don’t know, who is Patrin?
Im Patrin, I’m an artist. People always ask what genre though, you know what, I started off doing poetry, and then from then on I started doing more rap/hip-hop. But I don’t know man, I just like call it honest music, cos I always wanna be honest in my music and always wanna send a message out there. If it wasn’t for that then I wouldn’t be doing music. But, if you wanna keep it simple I’ll call it rap/hip-hop.

How would you describe your sound?
If I could make up my own genre then it would called honest music, real music. It’s mainly that there’s always a message, I wouldn’t do music if it wasn’t for giving off a message you know. I don’t just wanna make music and that’s it, if I can get my voice out there then that’s the main focus.

So with that being said, what’s the main message that you want to spread through your music?
I wanna get people to think, I don’t want to force anything on people, I just want to get people to think for themselves and be able to come up with their own calculations rather than just following society’s rules. Be you, do you the best that you can. I just want people to think.

What’s the biggest thing that you would take away from the making of your recent EP, Time Will Tell?
Ermm, honestly the support, the support has been crazy because I have only just started off I think this is like a year into my music career now.
Even your youtube views are mad for an up-and-coming artist.
Yeah. It’s helped a lot because I remember my youtube videos, everyone was like you need to get your video here and here but I was like nah, I feel like I can build up my own support. That was my aim, just to build up my own supporters in terms of doing my own channel.

If you could pick anyone to collaborate with dead or alive, who would it be?
It’s got to be Bob Marley man.
What about someone in today’s scene?
From anywhere in the world, Lauryn Hill, I feel like I can relate to her a lot, I feel like she talks to you in her music. From the UK Scene, I like a lot of UK artists but I’m not sure if a collaboration would work. Although, thinking about it I would like to work with The Composers.
What about any other poets?
I’m not sure, I recently bumped into George The Poet in Uganda though, shout out to him, he’s doing well.

So what can we expect next from you?
Immediatley next, I’ve got a lot of videos, I’ve got a few more videos coming out, I’ve got videos off the mixtape. I’ve got a video in Uganda as well. Just more man, everything. Like next year, we’re just gonna go all out, more music, more vidoes, more shows, more mixtapes, more interviews, more everything, all out.

Anything you would like to say before we finish?
Yeah, just think. Listen to everything man, over and over, read up on the lyrics. Lauryn Hill – MTV unplugged, a must listen. I’ve got to shout everyone in North West and everyone apart of Too Rare Too Die. And of course, I’ve got to plug my new EP Time Will Tell.

Listen to Time Will Tell here.

New Video! Patrin – Things Change, Things Change

Following the release of his debut mixtape, Time Will Tell, North London Rapper Patrin has released the video for his first single from the EP titles Things Change, Things Change.Things Change, Things Change is a song about growth. The first verse is about prophesy, the times to come, and power that him and others have as artists. As he says,

“maybe the real power is in these lines I quote, the lines I wrote in times of woke, the times are much close”

The second verse then talks about a relationship with an old friend that he is no longer as close with as he once was, and it hurts how they’ve become so distant, despite how happy he is that they’re doing well for themselves.

The complete Time Will Tell mixtape provides an uplifting ethos as Patrin reflects on past occurrences and witnessing current affairs.

Watch the video for Things Change, Things Change here:

Listen here:

PREMIERE! Prido – Sauce

Manchester based multi-talented artist of Zambian origin, Prido returns with his new track Sauce, which comes with accompanying visuals.

Sauce is the follow up to his most recent track, WKD which was shown a lot of love by many popular radio stations and music blogs in the scene. Aside from the success of WKD, Prido is best knows for tracks such as Take Time, Layback and 2011 which have all been recognised internationally on platforms such as Channel AKA, BBC Introducing and Flava TV.

As an emerging UK artist, Prido is doing bits and putting Manny on the map. Over the past years he has made some bangers, worked with local music group MMRecords and performed live at a number of shows. Prido is definitely one to keep your eyes on, as he plans to release an EP later this year.

Keep up to date with Prido on Social Media:
Twitter – @Pridoz
Instagram: @Pridoz

Listen to Sauce here:

Click here to watch the visuals:

Adejosh – Money Bounce

Afrobeat artist, Adejosh has released his new track, Money Bounce, produced by ATGMusick. The track was premiered by DJ Abrantee on Capital Xtra last week, and is set to be a summer vibe. The idea behind the track is to encourage his listeners and fans to work tirelessly until they achieve their dreams.

The 24-year old musician of Nigerian descent has already experienced attention to his music from all over Africa, including Nigeria. This exposure has had a vital role in his determination and consistency, the key to success.


Money Bounce showcases the musician’s lavish lifestyle, a result of his big dreams and high work ethic.  The solid message and the robust culture, United Kingdom and African, in the song will earn the new track a position among the top afrobeat hits in the United Kingdom.

It is his second release under Lante Music Entertainment, and if the first release, Test Me is anything to go by, Money Bounce is set to thrill Adejosh’s army of fans across UK and around the globe.

Buy on iTunes or stream on Spotify. 

Wireless Festival 2017 – Saturday

This was my first year at Wireless, after wanting to go for as long as I remember because on paper it always has my dream festival line-up. This years line up wasn’t the best I had ever seen as previous years included Drake and Kendrick Lamar, but all of the homegrown talent made it one to remember.

One of the first acts I saw on the day was Cadet on the Pepsi Max stage. As I always imagine from a Cadet performance, the energy levels were sky high. All he had to ask is “who?” and suddenly the whole of Finsbury Park are chanting “Cadet, Cadet”. And this was before he even came on stage, as Yung Filly opened for him playing songs alike Robbery to get the whole crowd gassed. From the slower songs such as Letter To Krept and Instagram Girls, to Corn, he had it all. But, the most energetic point in the performance? When Cadet himself got in the middle of the moshpit.

Then of course, Sean Paul supplied us with our dose of dancehall for the day. Although, as it was so early in the day, the crowd were dead. If he would have been further on in the day, there would have been a lot more whining, for sure. Young Thug, again, not the most live performance of the day as the crowd let him down  until the last couple of songs on his set. Best Friend was of course the most popular song during his set.

Rae Sremmurd came on stage mid-way through the line-up and this was when things started getting much more lit, obviously the alcohol was starting to take its toll. You actually don’t realise how many bangers Rae Sremmurd have until you find yourself knowing the words to the majority of their set. No Flex Zone, No Type, Black Beatles, Come Get Her and Throw Sum Mo to name just a few.

Then, it was time for Travis Scott. The whole park turned into a madness. Bottle’s flying everywhere and the whole crowd basically merged to make one big moshpit. He of course brought out his signature, huge fake bird which makes very loud chirping noises throughout the set and looks king of creepy with worms dangling from it’s mouth.

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for. SKEPTA!! Or in other words, the whole Boy Better Know crew. Frisco, Jammer, JME, Frisco etc etc. Basically everyone apart from Wiley, as he cancelled his own set at Wireless previously that day. Skepta seemed to fit a lot of songs into his set considering it was an hour long. Ace Hood Flow, Too Many Man, That’s Not Me, Skepta Interlude and Konnichiwa. You name it, he most probably did it. Skepta was definitely the perfect act to finish the day, making everyone proud to be British grime lovers and the day was definitely finished on a high.

Parklife Festival 2017: BBK, Wiley and AJ Tracey to name but a few.

So, this was my first ever festival, although I’m not quite sure how because I am a very regular gig-goer. It was everything I expected it to be and more; a weekend of unhealthy eating, an excessive amount of alcohol and a whole lot of mud. Everyone’s first festival is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Parklife festival isn’t usually known for it’s all star grime line-up, but this year they pulled out all the stops. However, with the increase of grime popularity, I’m sure every festival will be booking urban artists left, right and centre. But, lets not forget that Parklike is organised by The Warehouse Project, so of course there was plenty of house and dance music throughout the eight stages.

One thing that really baffled me, was how they placed certain artists on stages in which they did not belong. For example, The Temple was the stage I basically lived at for the weekend as it featured J Hus, BBK, Wiley, and AJ Tracey. So if I told you that Stormzy was also a headliner, you would expect him to perform on The Temple, no? Well, a shock to me, he actually performed on The Sound of The Near Future stage, which was very house/chilled music orientated, and correct me if i’m wrong, but Stormzy is not a sound of the future, he is a definite sound of the present.

Boy Better Know‘s set was always going to be my favourite set. JME, Skepta, Wiley, Jammer and Shorty all within an hour time frame and you’ve seen your yearly dose of grime artists live in the flesh. The lighting and effects were phenomenal. Although, I’m not sure many paid attention to that with the mass of moshpits throughout the crowd. Which by the way, seemed as though every single person at the festival came to see BBK’s set, they really should have been main stage.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of urban music throughout the festival, particularly grime. They really catered for us rap lovers, resulting in a very successful weekend, and I can say that I’ve now seen the majority of my favourite artists live.

Bryson Tiller – True To Self Review

Trapsoul part two? It may as well have been.

On 26th May, Bryson took to twitter to announce the release of True To Self, a whole month earlier than the planned released date. With a huge track-list of nineteen songs! With a two year break from his previous album, and no single releases in this gap, Bryson has been touring the world as he sold out various venues.

Can Tiller only do so much? This is the main question I found myself asking when I listened to his second album. The only song throughout the whole album which sounds like it didn’t belong on his debut album, Trapsoul’s tracklist is Money Problems/Benz Truck which is a vibeee!!!! If every song could have been on the same wave as that, the album could have been another timeless masterpiece. But unfortunately it isn’t.

I’m not saying that Bryson’s sound isn’t good, because it is. But, two albums in and it just ends up sounding all the same-ish. Sometimes you just have to mix it up. For a lot of R&B lovers, Trapsoul is hands down one of the best albums. However, I have to say, Bryson’s music has let me down this time.

Click here to stream the album on Spotify.


Stormzy Brixton Finale

From a freestyle in a park in a red Adidas tracksuit, to selling out three shows at the Brixton O2 Academy (obviously in an Adidas tracksuit again).

The finale was of course going to be something special, but no one could have called it. Stormzy had them all: Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32, Ghetts and Chip. Each brought even more energy to the already hyped-up crowd, from Hear Dis to the Shape of You Remix. Although, everyone could still appreciate the slow, gospel touches of Blinded By Your Grace, Velvet and Cigarettes and Cush, which seemed to give a more personal touch as Stormzy sat on a stool singing to an academy of five-thousand people.

The production levels were honestly next level. If you didn’t know any better you would think that it was an arena tour. Every single touch was perfected, the lyrics flashing behind him, Stormzy’s face singing along on the screen behind.

The main moment of the whole gig which will always stick in my mind, was when Stormzy sang 100 Bags to his mum who was stood on the balcony. She was singing and rapping along word for word throughout the whole song, as the majority of the crowd looked up with their hand on their heart, emotions were running high.

What a way to end such a phenomenal tour, no one has ever deserved a sold out tour more than Stormzy. I’m sure I can say this on behalf of everyone who attended any of the shows on the GSAP tour, I left feeling very proud of him, almost as though I felt his struggles and accomplishments through his truly emotional yet energetic performance. The fact that he sold out three nights at the Brixton O2 Academy shows how appreciated Big Mike truly is in the world of music.

Jafro – Am I Me

Singer and songwriter, Jafro from Leicester has released a new album, Am I Me which is highly influenced by comics, as he celebrates his love of cartoons from a young age. Due to the influence, the album features artwork from comic and anime artists from across the globe including Brotherman Comics, Red Origins and Angry Vikings.

The album features artists from across four different continents including Europe and North America. The songs from this EP which stand out for me personally are: Dark Knight, Bankai and We Ready as they truly showcase his lyrical talents, bar for bar. The whole concept of the EP is clever, and is accurately presented through each track.

Jafro is celebrating his album launch rightly so, by performing at some of the UK’s largest common conventions including Birmingham’s Comics festival which is open to 5,000 visitors. Jafro definitely has a talent when it comes to spitting bars, which was demonstrated earlier in his career as he featured in the Red Bull UK rap battle, reppin for Leicester. (Click here to watch)

Click here to listen to the EP.